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ponedjeljak, srpanj 3, 2006
During his visit to Dubrovnik Ulf gave the interview to the local press, including DUBROVACKI VJESNIK. Here is the translation:


 Do you remember hits ATSW, TS, CS? If you answer id affirmative, then you also remebber that they were performed by swedish dance/pop band Ace of Base, which had so much been compared with legendery group Abba. Their top of carriere was in the mid '90s. Their debue album TS/HM was sold in more od 23 mil. Copies in 1993 which made them the holders of record in Guiness book of records (best selling album of a new artest). You wonder where are they  now, what have they benn doing?

One of them, Ulf Ekberg, is in Dubrovnik these days. He visited the city with his family; wife and 18 month old son. He is in the visit to the godfather of his son – Zoran Vladic, the owner of Eastwest beach club on Banjama beach. They met eachothers 15 years ago in Sweden, where Zoran have been living for years. Despite the distance, Ulf kept the friendship with Zoran, and he visited Dubrovnik in 1999 for the first time. He have been coming back every summer ever since.

-         Croatia is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Beautiful land, but it still have to develope. By that, I mean the offer of a night life which is still quiet poor, and too bad that you have so much waste potential and i don't know why don't you use it. Lot of my friends that had been here are complaining that there are not enough night clubs and they don't wanna come back.

Ulf was spending most of the time in Dubrovnik at Banjama beach where he enjoyed with his little son in charms of sea, which was warm to him as a Swed. Although he enkoys the status of star in Sweden, nobody stoped or recognized him in Dubrovnik. But', that has not been the case 5 years ago when the band was on top of popularity. Ulf will perform this Saturday as a DJ in EastWest beach club. In the meanwhile, he planned to visit islands Hvar and Brac. Awared of the fact that one of the matches of the world chamiponship where Sweden played visited more that 50 000 of Swedish supporters, we were curious if Ulf plans to go to Germany?

-         I will go if we qualify into the next round. I like football and I like to watch the games, but on television.

Swedish dance group was hot during the '90s, and last 5 years they are not on scene. Will the band get together once more, release the new album?

-         At this moment, each of us have been doing various projects. I've been doing with Nokia and Canon, I advised them in musical matters. I write few scenarios for movies, and I produced several TV series. You asko me for the new album? Maybe we will release it but we need a good timeing. At the end of last year we had more that 25 concerts in one month, and each one was sold out, which means the croud still like us.

 Although he played the popular dance music with Ace of Base, privatly Ulf loves to listen the relaxing music. He listened the Croatian music lot of times, thanks his friend Zoran and Ulf concludes:

 -         I've noticed that the lyrics of your songs are so deep, sad, there are lot of broken hearts…

(Ines Vlašić, Snimio: Grgo Jelavić, translation: Rade Popadic)

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