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petak, lipanj 23, 2006

Today I made an interview with Ulf. It was possible because of the major help of Zoran Vladic, the godfather of Ulf's son. Zoran is also the owner of the club where Ulf will performe as a DJ this Saturday. I spoked with Ulf about 15 minutes. I recorded the intervju via my digital cam, and than I put it to the PC. I must say that strange thing happen, I can't find the first part of the interview anywhere, maybe it's hidden somewhere… But I uploaded the last part of the intervju (3 minutes). All in all, I asked Ulf about his holidays in Croatia, he said that Croatia and esp. Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places for vacation in the world. He will play this Saturday as a DJ in the club just for fun, not professionaly. The gig starts around midnight, and I will meet Ulf one hour earlier. If anyone is interested to meet Ulf with me pleas contact me at

I asked about the new album. I was quiet angry at Ulf beacause I sad it is  very unfair towards the fans to say so often that the new album comes soon. He said that the record companies are to blame, not the band memebers. Ulf said that the bend member have strong will to make an album. But it won't come out at least in one year. And I think that's about it. He also said that few songs are finished. And that they have more than 200 demo singles. But they don't want to publish an album before they are completely ready for that. That means two things: they have to have very good songs, and more imortant they have to be mentaly ready for new album. I told Ulf that they should do more original music than with Da Capo. Poppy songs are out. Ulf said that the strange thing is that the whole first album (which was mega succesfull) was completely made by the computers. The big role in the sound played legend Dennis Pop. On other albums they used some real sounds - instruments.  Ulf said that he hear more and more music that soundd like early '90s on american radio stations, so this could mean that new Ace of Base would be Ace of Base of 1992. Ulf doesn't think that Malin is ready to take the front place in the band once again, she will do the vocals, but probably won't tour with other aces. Malin returned to the University once again whre she studies now. Finaly Ulf said that he thinks that last year's performances in Belgium were success, the band enjoyed the gigs, and fans were happy too. He said that something like that is possible once again before the new album.

Here is the intervju with Ulf (WMA format, 1,56mB).

Click on the picture below, that's Ulf in Dubrovnik last year!

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